The Department of Financial Accounting of the Institute of Finance of the Cracow University of Economics, in cooperation with The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and LondonSAM, invites you to participate in CUE’S MODULAR COURSES preparing for ACCA STRATEGIC PROFESSIONAL examinations.

We offer the following courses:

Deadline for registration Modular Course
15.01.2022 Strategic Business Leader
22.03.2022 Strategic Business Reporting
25.09.2022 Advanced Performance Management
15.11.2022 Advanced Financial Management

The ACCA programme provides comprehensive and practical knowledge in such areas as modern corporate management, auditing, management and financial accounting, risk management, strategic planning, law and taxes.

ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is a prestigious and the largest and fastest growing organization offering professional development opportunities in the field of finance, accounting and management, enabling people like you to be successful in a professional career.

ACCA is a respectable and globally recognisable organization, which is confirmed by more than 188,000 current members and 480,000 people applying for qualifications in 181 countries.

The Cracow University of Economics is Poland’s largest economics higher education institution in terms of the number of students, and its major programme Finance and Accounting at the Faculty of Finance has been one of the University’s most popular courses for a number of years.

In its efforts to meet educational challenges and the needs of the labour market, the Cracow University of Economics is continuously broadening its educational offering, trying to make it more attractive for students. Completing CUE’S MODULAR COURSES preparing for ACCA STRATEGIC PROFESSIONAL examinations enables students to combine the benefits of a diploma with the ACCA qualification – one of the most prestigious professional qualifications in the field of finance and accounting, recognized worldwide by the financial sector.

The ACCA qualification is always welcomed by employers, who appreciate the organization’s 110-year experience as well as its innovative approach and continuous efforts aimed to achieve excellence: ACCA cooperates with more than 7,000 ACCA Accredited Employers, and has partnership agreements with more than 80 financial organizations worldwide.

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CUE’S MODULAR COURSES preparing for ACCA STRATEGIC PROFESSIONAL examinations are designed for:

  • middle and senior managers in international corporations
  • company employees performing tasks related to finance, accounting, controlling, audits and financial analysis
  • persons who intend to be prepared for ACCA Strategic Professional examinations

An ACCA certificate is one of the requirements to be met by candidates for supervisory and management positions (legal grounds: Art. 19.1 of the Act of 16 December 2016 on the Rules of Managing State Property, Journal of Laws 2016, point 2259).

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Starting from 2021 all courses are provided online. Students don’t have to come to the Cracow University of Economics personally and they have the opportunity to participate in the course from any location all over the world. We carefully select lecturers from international ACCA experts recommended by the partner of the study program – LondonSAM, and the outstanding lecturers of the Cracow University of Economics. As a result, our timetable is spread over time in smaller amounts of lecture units allowing for a more effective education process. Students have the possibility to contact and consult their learning problems with the leading lecturers between the lecture meetings.

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The plan of studies reflects ACCA Professional requirements and is additionally broadened by University subjects, which allows for combining the Polish and international context of the analysed issues.

The study programme aims to provide up-to-date knowledge in the field of reporting, corporate financial management, strategic management based on world standards, and to prepare students for ACCA Strategic Professional examinations.

CUE’S MODULAR COURSES preparing for ACCA STRATEGIC PROFESSIONAL examinations enable their participants to become ACCA members, opening doors to a career in the world of finance. The process of gaining the ACCA qualification comprises two stages. At the first stage students must pass 9 Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills examinations (previously referred to as Fundamentals), allowing them to qualify for the second stage Strategic Professional.

The Strategic Professional level comprises four examinations: two obligatory examinations and two optional ones, selected from four available subjects.


  • Strategic Business Reporting
  • Strategic Business Leader
  • Advanced Financial Management
  • Advanced Performance Management
  • Advanced Taxation (UK)
  • Advanced Audit and Assurance (INT)
CUE’S MODULAR COURSES prepare students for the following STRATEGIC PROFESSIONAL examinations:
  • Strategic Business Reporting
  • Strategic Business Leader
  • Advanced Financial Management
  • Advanced Performance Management
Also, in order to become an ACCA member, it is necessary to complete the Ethics and Professional Skills on-line training and confirm a minimum of 3 years of professional experience.

In addition to that, students will be given access to an on-line course in Business English, specially designed to meet the requirements of ACCA examinations.

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The classes are conducted during the week – Tuesday and Thursday, eventually on Friday (4.30 p.m. till 7.30 p.m.) and during weekends on Saturday and Sunday (9.00 a.m. till 12.00 a.m. or in rare situations 9.00 a.m. till 4.00 p.m.). The schedule is usually available one week before the first-course meeting (at the latest). The organizers reserve the right to change the training program in an emergency (in very rare situations).

The entire programme is held in English. Its objective is to prepare students for four ACCA Strategic Professional examinations during three academic semesters.

The completion of the course is conditioned by passing a Mock Exam after each of four ACCA modular courses. Mock exam is corrected by an expert conducting a class. Then, the results of exams, along with the relevant feedback, will be communicated to students 2–3 weeks prior to the date of the ACCA examination.

ACCA examinations are independently organized and conducted by ACCA. Sitting ACCA examinations is not a prerequisite for completion of the study programme. Similarly, the completion of study courses is not equivalent to passing an ACCA examination.

Under the study programme, students receive specialised materials and textbooks - Study text, Exam kit and Pocket from Kaplan Publishing. The materials are recommended by LondonSAM Polska and ACCA. Additionally, prior to the commencement of Strategic Professional classes, students receive a Study text manual at the Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills level (previously Fundamentals), enabling them to revise the basic knowledge of a given course.

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Lecturers are specially selected ACCA experts, recommended by the partner of the study programme – LondonSAM.

Strategic Business Reporting
Dariusz Bargieł, FCCA
Lecturer: IFRS&ACCA

Dariusz specializes in financial accounting, IFRS, IAS, management accounting and financial reporting. In 1996 he joined Deloitte & Touche, auditing financial statements as a senior auditor. Since 2006, Dariusz has been cooperating with LondonSAM Polska, passing his knowledge in finance to many international corporations. Since 2012, he has been a marker of the subject of F7 Financial Reporting, ACCA.

Advanced Financial Management
Sunil Bhandari, ACCA

Sunil has been specializing in accounting training since 1986. He was the director of the Financial Training Company (now Kaplan) in Birmingham. The founder and managing director of BPP Birmingham Ltd., Sunil, have trained many students who have successfully qualified and become members of ICAEW, ICAS, CIMA, ACCA and ATT.
Sunil was a marker for professional accounting organizations in the UK. In addition, she writes articles related to ACCA FM and AFM, which are regularly published in the training press for accountants.

Advanced Performance Management
Steve Willis, ACCA

For over 15 years, Steve has been helping business professionals advance their professional careers as a finance and accounting trainer. Steve is also a regular contributor to ACCA Student Accountant and Teach Accounting.
In addition to conducting training, Steve works as a consultant in the Outsourcing and Shared Service Centers industry on projects related to improving processes and management accounting. Steve is both a member of ACCA and a Microsoft Certified Master Instructor.

Strategic Business Leader
Ashim Kumar, FCAA

Ashim Specializes in teaching F1, F4, F5, F9 and P3 courses relevant to the ACCA Strategic Business Leader (SBL) exam. Additionally, he conducts the "Strategic Leadership and Personal Development" module in the MBA program at the Gdańsk University of Technology and has provided numerous CPD leadership workshops for ACCA. As Director of ATC International (Europe / Central Asia) and EY (MENA), Ashim has combined technical knowledge with experience to help international companies grow.

Leadership and guidance
Head of modular courses
Prof UEK dr hab. Konrad Grabiński

Department of Financial Accounting
phone: 12 293 52 93

Research guidance
Prof. UEK dr hab. Mariusz Andrzejewski - Head of the Department of Financial Accounting

Organizational guidance
Iwona Mazur-Maślanka, MA

Department of Financial Accounting
phone: 12 293 56 46

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Available until 22 March 2022.

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  1. Individual declaration / Employer’s declaration
  2. Personal data form and Personal data processing statement (RODO)
  3. Diploma of completing higher education and ID (originals available for review)
  4. ID photos - 1 pc
  5. Confirmation of admissions fee in the amount of 50 PLN.

Fees for modular courses:

The fee for the SBR module is PLN 3,200 net plus 23% VAT (in total PLN 3,936 gross) + PLN 50 recruitment fee payable to the account of the SPE of the University of Economics in Krakow

The gross price for students who signed up for the SBR module by February 14, 2022 is PLN 3,500 gross (including 23% VAT).

The prices of the other modules are as follows:

  • Strategic Business Leader: PLN 3,100 net + 23% VAT
  • Advanced Performance Management: PLN 2,950 net + 23% VAT
  • Advanced Financial Management: PLN 2,950 net + 23% VAT

Participants are entitled to a discount in the following situations:

  1. in the event of participation in all four modules, the participant is entitled to a 5% discount on the gross price of the last (fourth) module,
  2. in the case of a promotional campaign regarding earlier enrollment for modular training up to 10% of the current gross price of one module,
  3. discounts cannot be combined.

Payments should be made at least one week before the start of the modular training according to the following guidelines:

Bank account number: MBank 33 1140 1081 0000 4805 7900 1001

In the title of payment, please provide: name and surname with a note: UEK-ACCA Strategic Professional + name of the module (i.e. Anna Shirley, UEK-ACCA Strategic Professional Strategic Business Reporting)
In the issues mentioned above regarding issuing invoices, don't hesitate to contact with the organizational supervisor Ms Iwona Mazur-Maślanka.

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Iwona Mazur-Maślanka
Department of Financial Accounting

phone: 12 293 56 46

Prof. UEK dr hab. Konrad Grabiński
Department of Financial Accounting

phone: 12 293 56 46

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General provisions

  1. Supervision over the modular courses is performed by the head of the Department of Financial Accounting, under which the modular courses have been designed and are conducted.
  2. Supervision over the functioning and handling of modular courses is exercised by the CUE Vice-Rector for Projects and Cooperation, except for matters reserved for the competence of other persons, units or bodies of the University.
  3. The director and manager of modular courses are responsible for the day-to-day service in terms of content and organization.

Payment rules

  1. Fees paid: modular training and recruitment are refundable within two months from the completion of the recruitment process, in the case of failure to start modular courses by the University.
  2. Lack of payments of the fees related to education during the modular training courses shall result in deletion from the list of participants.
  3. Participants are entitled to a discount in the following cases:
    1. in case of participation in all four modules, the participant is entitled to a 5% discount on the price of the last (fourth) module,
    2. in the case of a promotional campaign concerning early enrollment in a modular course – 5% of the price of one module,
    3. discounts cannot be combined (the maximum discount granted for one modular training is 5%).

Rules of completing modular courses

  1. Each module ends with an exam covering the issues presented in the course program and is modelled on the exam of the international organization ACCA at the Strategic Professional level.
  2. The participant's absence from the exam on the first date is treated as a missed date.
  3. In the event of failure to take the final exam or to obtain an unsatisfactory grade in the final exam on the first date, the participant has the right to take the final exam on the second date set by the modular training director upon payment of an additional fee of 300 PLN. The modular training director sets the second date of the exam.
  4. The condition for passing the modular courses is passing the exam.
  5. The document confirming the completion of the modular training is a certificate issued by the University under applicable law.
  6. In the event of failure to pass the mock exam (failure to take the exam or a negative exam grade), the student receives a certificate issued by the universities about participation in the training.

Final provisions

For the sake of a high level of didactic classes, an anonymous evaluation questionnaire is carried out among the participants regarding each module's substantive and organizational level.

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